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We bid our beloved all-liver GSP female a heartfelt and saddened goodbye at the age of 15 in 2010. I hunted her hard the first 4 years on pheasant, hungarian partridge, quail, ducks, and geese. Later, bird hunting dropped off as the USAF sent me places where it wasn't conducive. Her entire life she was an indoor dog.

My experience was this: she was a natural bird dog, required some whoa training, but possessed the instinct to point; a great family dog who endured countless ear and tail pulls from my kids without EVER a mean reaction; always loving; served as the best method to get my oldest to sleep through the night at age 4 by putting the 2 in bed together; my oldest was 13 when we put "her" dog down (dog was mine before she was born), and that dog slept with her every night.

When she was young, she had lots of energy and loved to run. Inside, she had that nervous jittery kind of energy that seemed to scream "I want to do something, but what?" As she aged, probably around 5, she mellowed out. She could still run with the best of them if given the opportunity, but in normal circumstances she was just a mellow, happy to be here dog.

For duck hunting in early season before it got too cold, she was great. I was hesitant to hunt her once the temps really fell as her lack of body fat and thin coat really didn't insulate her while sitting still. Running was a different story.

I wouldn't hesitate to get another, and my kids ask me often when we will get another "Jessie".

So, good luck with your choice. There are some great breeds out there to choose from. Just remember each dog has a personality of their own, but often inside of the "norm" for their breed. YMMV.
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