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Back at the end of Dec., the Circuit was looking at a proposed window for Oral Arguments.

12/30/2011 34 CASE TENTATIVELY CALENDARED for oral argument during the 3/20/12 - 3/23/12 argument session. Notify Clerk's Office of any scheduling conflict by: 01/09/2012 [11-1847] (JLE)
Now, as far as I knew, Nordyke, Peterson and Lane were all scheduled for the week of 03/19.

So on 01/09, we get this on the 4th CCA docket:

01/09/2012 35 NOTICE RE: CONFLICT WITH PROPOSED ARGUMENT DATES by Appellants Michelle Lane, Second Amendment Foundation, inc., Amanda Welling and Matthew Welling. Argument Session: 03/12 Days you are available: 3/21/12-3/23/12 Other scheduling information: Not available 3/20 owing to 2pm argument 3/19 in Denver, Colo. [11-1847] Alan Gura
Did you catch that? Not available 3/20 owing to 2pm argument 3/19 in Denver, Colo.

So, the question is, What is Alan Gura doing in Denver with Gray's Case (Peterson)?

The answer lies with a post I made in the Main 2A Cases Thread, here. In that post, I announced that 10 minutes of the Oral Argument would be set aside for arguments by amici curiae. What I/we didn't know was who the amici would be.

It now appears that Alan Gura will argue for amicus CGF/SAF.

We still don't know if all the amici will share that 10 minutes or if each amicus will receive 10 minutes.
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