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Speaking of Glasses.

Years ago, in my cop days I carried a pager (do to my extra duties as EOD and LE Sniper). It was one of the old types that "beeped" then you got a voice message.

Shortly after going on shift I got a disturbance call, guy with a knife going after his ex and her new boy friend. I catch the guy and he starts branishing the knife. As I tell him to loose the knife I get this "beep-beep-beep" and the voice message from my wife, "stop by the house when you can, you left your glassess".

The bandit says "hell you can't see to shoot me anyway" tosses the knife and beats feet. I was laughing so hard I couldn't catch him if I was fast enough. Had to find a young rookie to run him down.

But the glasses thing is a good ideal, I only wear mine for reading, but I think most people will find the laser sight is handy when you're not wearing glasses.
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