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Originally Posted by Doc Hoy
I don't know how acceptable this is, but I refer to the round barrel associated with the G&G and L&R as a "dragoon barrel" because of it's appearance.
Perfectly acceptable to me Doc. I refer to them that way myself.

Seems like I've noticed an awful lot of brass-framed revolvers in that show - other than Bohannan's . I'm not complaining - it's a very good series. They just catch my eye is all. I'm almost positive that I saw a brass Remington in one episode. Maybe it was a Spiller and Burr, but given the paltry number of them made, I dunno...
You are correct. It was a brass framed Remington clone

Originally Posted by Jim Watson
I am pretty sure he started out with a close copy of the G&G and Elam had the fako '60 for the big gunfight. Prop man just did not give them their usual guns for the last episode.
He's been using the same brass framed 1860 since episode 1 - except in the church scene - that was a L&R non-gun. In the background videos on the website, the propmaster calls the brass framed 1860 a Griswold (not Griswold & Gunnison) and said there were 100,000 of them made before they blew up the plant. Wrong on all counts.

There have been some rather interesting, and lengthy threads over on CAS City about not only the guns; but, the whole lack of accuracy of the series.
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