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Shorthairs don't do well when you leave them confined with your belongings. IF they are family oriented dogs, they tend to get seperation anxiety pretty bad. The female I spoke of earlier ate a recliner at 6 months of age because I mad ethe mistake of leaving her alone with a male I had. He slept on the couch and was under my bed when I got home. She greeted me with a wagging tail, stuffing hanging out of her mouth and a look dad, I redecorated look on her face when I came through the door. Oh well, I hated that recliner anyway.

Mine always got excited about the hunt and know when you are getting "there". I had a male that would sleep in the back seat of the truck until you turned down the country roads, then he's sit up and start looking around. When you turned on the farm raod he's foam at the mouth and sing to you. We'd always start out running the dumb off of them where little chance of getting into birds was probable. After 20 minutes they'd settle down. Except one time the little male jumped out of the truck and locked up, Abby pointed from the back seat and Mickey braced her from the front seat after kicking dad out. The birds were under the oak tree we had parked under. Dad almost blew the mirror off of my brand new F350 that day.

Thanks for the thread, good memories of hunting with some great dogs and my best friend. All of them are gone now but I still remember those times.
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