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Definitely some very nice deer in this thread, congrats to everyone, especially those that got their first deer this year!

The deer have been a bit scarce this year around here, lots of people reporting a fairly difficult hunting season. I really didn't get out in the woods as much as I wanted to, but was able to connect with this nice (for me) 8 pointer.

Didn't get to the stand until about 35 minutes before dark, wasn't really expecting to see anything but figured it was worth a shot. Ten minutes later a little 4 pointer came out and made a scrape about 10 yards from my stand. About 5 minutes later this fella came stomping out from behind me making a straight shot to the little 4. He crossed within about 2 feet from the ladder to the stand, and I dropped the hammer with him no more than about 10 feet from it. Shot was placed just to the side of the spine and angled in to the vitals. Dropped like a rock and never budged, shot him with my Traditions Yukon 50 cal. muzzle loader, 100gr. Pyrodex and a 295gr. Powerbelt.

When I climbed down and went to inspect him, I looked down the field and the little 4 was still standing out in the open no more than 50 yards away, I thought it was funny.
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