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Top ten list for surviving a gunfight

I apologize in advance for pulling out a horse that has been beaten to death, but I did a search, and could not easily find the information I was looking for.

My agency is doing some training in the next few months. Talk is cheap, but I want to contribute a list of tips to distribute, to stimulate discussion and perhaps serve as a basis for future training.

I am not looking for a rehash of the usual humorous "[your name here]'s Rules of Combat", nor specifics on gun or ammo choices (which are constrained by department policy).

While clearly I am looking at this from the perspective of a LEO, I think much of this information has broad usefulness.

My main talent is overstating the obvious, it seems, but I appreciate any additions and commentary.

After brainstorming last night, my Top Ten list has 27 entries so far:

1. Get to cover;

2. Deploy your long gun;

3. If feasible, wait for backup before contact;

4. Establish fire superiority;

5. Distance is your friend;

6. Run away;

7. Stop the bleeding;

8. Move laterally;

9. Maneuver on the enemy's flank;

10. Watch their hands;

11. Be slow quickly: Find the front sight, and pull the trigger.

12. The radio will not save your life;

13. Get out of the car before the bad guy does;

14. On a contact, make a habit of being in a position of tactical advantage;

15. At night, use light to conceal you and blind the suspect;

16. At night, move after shooting;

17. Avoid crossfire situations;

18. Be conscious of other officers' positions, and stay out of their line of fire;

19. Maintain your equipment and wear your vest;

20. Keep back away from your cover;

21. Slice the pie;

22. If you go a little slower, you're a lot quieter;

23. Try to see people before they see you;

24. Shoot low, skip bullets;

25. Stay away from walls;

26. Get out of the kill zone;

27. Conspicuously identify yourself to backup officers, especially when plainclothes.
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