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Alright, but I can still use the gun under the owner's supervision, correct? I'm almost 16 btw, although I don't think that makes any difference.
No, you can not.

Technically, NY law does not allow any person who does not have a permit AND THE GUN LISTED ON IT to even HANDLE a handgun.

In other words, even if you had a permit, you can't use the gun unless it's ON YOUR permit.

The only exception is if you are enrolled in an approved class and under the supervision of the instructor.

I say the following for information purposes only and am not suggesting any behavior or action on anyone's part...

Just so you know, this is a law that NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, enforces. Everyone I know with handguns shoots all of their buddies handguns, and their buddies buddies handguns and NO ONE cares. I have fired the duty weapon of police officers. NO ONE cares.

The preceding information was for informational purposes only and not a suggestion for action on anyone's part.
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