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Yes, a Griswold and Gunnison revolver was a brass framed, round barreled .36 caliber copy of a 1851 Colt navy. Not the .44 cal brass frame octogon barrel "navys" everyone sells. Cabela's sells a G&G. Other confederate revolvers that are reproduced are, the Dance and bros. revolver, a .44 cal copy of a dragoon, with a flat frame and a Spiller & Burr, anothe brass framed .36, but it is a copy of a Whitney revolver. Kinda looks like a small frame Remington. Cabela's sells all of these revolvers. Also, there is a Uberti made copy of a confederate Leech & Rigdon, another 1851 navy copy with a round barrel and a steel frame. Unfortunatly, the current L&R copies have the ingraved cylinder of a 1851 navy which isn't correct, so the gun is just a round barreled 1851.
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