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Sir, In reviewing your two questions, may I suggest...

1) make a "panic / strong room" that the family can occupy, this is not the movie style thing, but just a strengthen room that is readily occupied, and contains cell phone, inter-comm to all doors, battery powered lights & strengthen doors. Baby needs as needed , formulas, diapers.

2) You should on exterior doors improve the locking areas, new deadbolts using same key as regular locks, may need to harden the jams to resist break thru,

3) motion sensor lights on those doors/porch, backside of house & exterior buildings to silhouette motion makers (adjust sensitivity to ignore small lab type dog), make sure that you are not illuminated by theses lights.

4) Talk with your wife to understand when she is ready for handling and learning firearms. Something not to ignore but not to rush.

Good luck, stay safe.
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