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An idea I've had is to start working personally with my neighbors in a "mutual assistance" scenario. Exchange numbers, and try to have somebody around to look after the homes in the immediate area if possible. Since I work out of my home, walk my dogs several times a day through the development (and some of my neighbors know I'm armed, as do the police) I believe this makes a real impact in gang activities--though they still "probe and test" periodically and still hit houses nearby--can't be everywhere all the time. Even criminals like an easy job, and I've noticed they like daytime and holidays to hit the local homes, but daylight can be used to your advantage as it easier to keep an eye on things from a distance--that range spotter scope is great for watching drug deals go down in the park. I've attended several "neighborhood watch" organizational meetings with neighbors and police--in general everyone is enthusiastic at the meeting--but soon after most everyone will drop out and end up doing nothing. I've found you have to form your own personal network and put time into it.
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