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I enjoyed reading this post and was setting here reflecting on my life's experience.

Being an old guy, I have wandered far and wide. In the over half dozen times I have taken close range fire, all missed. (Thankfully). However I was interested in the FBI interview article, where the BG just point shot.

Back in the late 70's a friend of mine appeared on "Believe it or Not" TV show several time shooting from the hip. (Shotgun, 22LR) I asked him one day how he learned that. He took me into the back yard gave me some ping pong balls and a Red Rider BB gun. I would toss the ball into the air, and shoot from the hip with the BB gun...2 days of practice and I was using a 22 and aspirins with a high percentage of hits. Lesson, practice what you want to learn. (If you have the desire and concentrate on learning).

During this time I was actively shooting IPSC. Before the days of electronic sights and race guns, and major caliber was only made by a 45 or a hot 38 super. To do an "el Presidente" exercise (turn, draw, 6 shots on 3 targets, reload and 6 more shots on 3 targets), and do it in the 6 second range with a score above 55 out of a possible 60 was pretty quick. I could do it (then).

I tried to do it a few months ago for the 1st time in 40 years....I now had only 2 and inaccurate, or slow and accurate...If you want to keep those skills, you got to continue to practice.

For me I now cheat...I use my Crimson Trace on the 45, but I'm not yet back to where I was using full power loads...But spring is some months away.
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