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This is where the effects of hydrostatic shock are the most noticeable.
I have taken deer with my .270 and upon dressing them out the lungs come out in pieces. I have also taken deer with a 30-30 (.30WCF) at around the 200 yard distance and find the lungs intact with a hole with a bruise ring around it and very minimal trail that was very hard to follow and LONG.
Of courses the .270 Win will do the same thing at a longer range.
Keep your shots inside the effective range of the equipment you are using.
As a note, the .30WCF was reloaded with a Lee Hand Loading Kit with the scoop (dipper) and those loads are very mild.
As for wjg686,
So a good double lung shot causes catastrophic 2 organ system failure, a quick demise, and no lost meat.
I have lost one and sometimes both or a good portion of the front shoulders but will still take that shot over any other.
One of the thing to keep in mind about head and neck shot animals is the nervous tissue being splattered and sometimes thought to be carried by the blood stream throughout the whole body or a great portion of it.
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