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I don't agree with the size of the lions you speak of. I personally saw a lion in AZ that weighed at least 220 pounds, if not 250, crossing the road in front of us just before dawn (and legal shooting light) while going up Mount Ord. There was a lion that hung out at a spot on the Verde river that had footprints as big as soup plates, I tried calling it numerous times with an electronic caller, but no luck. Of course I also saw a lot of smaller prints in the 14 years I hunted there, the average lion probably goes around 100-140 pounds but there are some really BIG ones out there. One weekend I went to San Francisco to visit some friends of my my then girlfriend, they took us to a park well within city limits, and I saw some humongous lion prints there. They did not believe me it was a lion, "must be somebody's dog" the city slicker sneered at me.
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