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It pains me, but the 220 goes back in the safe

Deer season is over, so I parked the 260 and 270 in the safe and took out my 220 Swift to do some coyote hunting. Well, I'm not doing so good finding coyotes, but the pigs are running all over me. Twice this week I've put a 55 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip in the lungs of a big pig and twice I can't find the darn pig. I've got to face it that the bullet might be great for coyotes, but not so great for what I'm trying to do to pigs. Somebody is going to now tell me to shoot em behind the ear, but the ear has been 300 plus yards away both times. I could go to a different bullet, but I think I'll just drag out the 260 again. Only problem is that the 260 has that compact rifle barrel of 16 1/2 inches, and I don't have all the muzzle velocity I'd like to have for 300 yard shots. I'm just griping. Thanks for listening.
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