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Somewhere in an F.B.I. report they said the hit ratio for the bad guys was about 70%. LEO's 16%-24%. And I know some organizations are much better. These are averages. The shootings I've seen have been ambushes. A man walks up to someone in a crowd. Has his gun out of sight. Gets close to his target and with one hand point shoots the victim in the chest, neck and/or head. Quickly disappears. No two handed stance, front sight focus, or so on. Argue all you want to. Point shooting works up close.
It said one way they practice is to shoot at cans and try to keep hitting them as they move. Hitting a small, moving target is great practice. And they have usually survived gunfights and will not hesitate to shoot. Combat mind set of criminals. If you're a civilian most of your training should be close. You're not rapped, mugged, or assualted at 25 yards.
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