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A new range opened by me and after a month new rules started piling up.

At first they allowed shotguns, Judges with no restrictions. People with Judges were hitting everything - the ceiling, the floor, the walls, target holders, other shooter's target holders. And some shotgunners, instead of patterning their gun in close and then moving the target out incremental distances, they'd run the target all the way to the back wall, pull the trigger and create some huge pattern, and also blow the target holder all to pieces

So they had to make a rule - and now shooters can only fire bullets or slugs.

The same thing happened with practice drawing from a holster.

It's unfortunate and this is a case where the bad guys actually get better practice than I do. They go to an abandoned house or something and practice drawing.

I practice drawing and dry firing but that's about it...

I am going to join a group of action shooters... I'll get some extra practice in and practice of the type that I can't do at a public range.
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