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Thought I would introduce myself.I have been reading this fourm for 2 mths. and have read almost every post,great info.I was born in1941,joined the Navy at 17 for 6yrs.spent 4yrs on submarines.I retired in 1986.Been shooting since 9.I shot 1000yrd.matches for 8yrs but had to quit due to shoulder surgery that went bad. Im here because I caught the BP bug after a friend bought a 1860 Colt repo and the smoke caused something to go to my brain and I'm infected.I haven't shot BP for 50yrs but am now infected.First I bought a ASM 1851 Colt followed by a ASM Walker then a Uberti Dragoon then a Pietta Remington.Next is going to be a 1860 Colt.I made a case for taking a pair to my range and a loading fixture.Is there any end? Also shown is a non firing Lemat model that I had to have because it is so dang ugly.That's about it for now.I posted photos but have had a problem and hope they show OK.

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