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About OC spray and Tasers.

They are both temporary / intermediate measures. Aside from the OC spray being used in close proximity to the children (not all confrontations happen at the front door) it is in part a very strong pain compliance tool. Joggers and commuters can use OC spray and escape to safety after use but being cornered in a house with a child in each arm changes things. I have bear spray for hiking and have no doubt it would feel horrible but further action might be needed even after it's use. After being sprayed the attacker can either stumble out of the house or stumble around inside for who knows how long with whatever he brought with him/her. There are sinks in the house.

Tasers are short acting too. Police carry/are trained in restraints and take that opportunity to cuff suspects. If they don't, the tased individual recovers and causes trouble again. The officer may depress the trigger again but the goal is apply restraints. Civilians use that time instead to escape to safety. To pull the trigger again it requires that you remain close to the target. And to use restraints you'd be zero feet away. All the tasers I know of (except for the new wireless shotgun projectiles) are good for only 1 use at a time. So say I miss or there happens to be 2 attackers involved - I'll be wishing I had other options available.

In short, both are intermediates which could be very useful but less so by themselves when trapped with children. Out in the open time would allow for escape. And in contrast to a gunshot wound, after the initial insult the attacker gets closer to recovery with time rather than progressing to incapacitation.
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