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Every body shot deer dies from a different set of circumstances. It all depends on where in the body the deer is hit. No shots being exactly the same causes this. Some fall dead on the spot, but most take a bit of time to expire, from seconds to minutes, to hours. Some run a few feet, while others run a few miles. With a body shot deer there’s no way of determining how quickly it will expire.

Enter the head shot. This shot knocks out the animals command and control center. While it may not cause instant death, it anchors the deer in it’s tracks. Death is usually fairly rapid, seconds, not minutes. I’ve never had a deer get up and run off after a head shot. Just a couple of twitches and it’s all over.

I hunt in extremely thick cover, head shots are all I take. I have the ability to do so which is fortunate, I would lose many if I had to track them. Also a plus for head shots is no waste of meat.

If you have the ability to make head shots, take them, if not, don’t. This is true of any shot, if you have doubts, don’t take it. True deer hunters don’t enjoy filling the woods with cripples or lost venison.
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