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Primer is in backwards right? Put a drop of WD40 on it, pull the bullet, decap at whatever speed you wish and throw the primer in the garbage.
What Edward says is true. However WD40 WILL kill primers. Especially if dripped into an open primer.
if your that worried about it you could render the primer inert by putting a drop of oil in it and letting it sit for a bit before depriming it.
As others have said it doesn't work. I couldn't find the thread but when I do I'll post it here. Someone took around 12 case and primed them. Then shot WD-40 in all the cases. Fired one after an hour and it went bang. After two hours still went bang. After one day still went bang but a little weaker. Shot one every day for eight days and they all went bang but just a little weaker than a new primer.
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