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I would also like to give some feedback on Botach Tactical. Couple months ago, I purchased a S&W M&P 40c. Not a big fan of the one style of magazine that came with it. As I was shopping around I came across Botach and it appear they were offering a decent price on magazines, plus I saw this "XGrip". The XGrip, lets you put full size magazines into the compact model. So I orderd a M&P .40 full size magazine and this "XGrip".

Got my confirmation email within 12 hours. But didn't hear from them again until 3 days later when my order was finally shipped. THEN... after that I get an email telling me that one of my items might be on back order, so don't be scared when only one item shows??? After 10 business days, I received the .40 magazine in the mail with the XGrip not included. I check on my shipping receipt that I received 3 days after purchase and their next to the XGrip price is a column B/O with a "Y" under it. I go on to the website and pull up a fresh order from scratch for the "XGrip" no where anywhere on their site does it say that the XGrip is on back order.

We are now 28 days removed and no update on the XGrip and I've called twice during their horrible business hours with no answer.

I would not recommend Botach Tactical.
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