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anyone ever do any hunting with a suppressed firearm? just wondering how well it would work
we do silencer hunting over her in Africa quite a lot. i use it for most of my hunts as well as culls and vermin control. i use it on my 308 with n 22" barrel with a k98 action, i have seen these suppressors on anything from a .22 to a 25-06 an d from a 300H&H to a 375Ruger. for mr the advantages are more than simply less noise. the suppressor takes about 60%of the recoil away. now i am not recoil shy, but if you take more than 100 springbok a night then you need to be able to keep your rifle still so that you can see the point of impact. the difference in noise for me is enough to keep the game from getting going into a full stampede. also the silencer protects the crown something that can easily get damage in a hunting vehicle that is in full rifle has a diffrent piont of impact with and without the silencer. the speed is the same and with 110grn vmax the group is 9mm and with 150grn Sierra pro hunter the group is 12mm at 100yards.
a friend of mine, took 15 jackal for this night with a 25-06 with a supressor. without it it wouldnt have been possible.

my 308 with silencer.
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