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It carries very well. It shoots good to, but it hurts after about 15 rounds of standard .38 Special, and after about 5 rounds of +P.
I shot the 342 a few days after getting it. I fired handloads, charged to the published STARTING LOAD, about 10% off of maximum. These are super easy to shoot in my SP101. I only got through 10 rounds before I packed it up and went home, my hand hurt for an hour.

I don't remember the gun being this hard to shoot.
Wow....Scandium 38 Spls being hard to shoot? I guess I don't feel so bad about giving up on my full power .357 Mag Scandium revolver (actually one 360 and two 340s).

Anyone want to sell me their pre-lock 342? I had a chance to buy one about three years ago and didn't take it. Still kicking myself...
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