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The area may very well have been different back in the 60's. But the Girdwood area as well as the rest of the Kenai have lots of coastal brown bears and black bears now as you know. The swamp areas just North of the Seward Highway have bears around, as do the lakes and rivers around the area. There have been a number of attacks around the Cooper Landing area and locals know this. I'm just amazed that according to this news report these guys I thought it said were from the Fish & Wildlife Department so I can't imagine they'd be surprised. Frankly, I don't know how they couldn't know this. On a little different note, if anyone ever wants to experience brown bears up close and personal in Alaska, there is a guide I've worked with a number of times named Jim Oltersdorf who works out of Soldotna, Alaska. Jim is extremely experienced in browns bears in particular and IMO, probably the best guide on the planet if you're interested in finding brown bears. He is expensive, but his knowledge and experience is worth every penny. He can be contacted at [email protected]
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