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.40 S&W, and from what I've heard the cylinder is not long enough to fit 10mm

But what about this 9x21 ????

I'm assuming that if you dropped a 9mm Luger in the Chiappa cylinder it would drop 2mm inside the chamber? So if I use the Taurus 905 as an example, the chamber diameter is 0.392" for the first 0.754 inches of the cylinder, then it narrows to 0.359" or somehwere thereabout. But it looks like the Chiappa chamber diameter is 0.392" for the first 0.833" of the cylinder.

Or are those tapered chambers?

Well even if they are tapered, if you have your 9mm rounds secured by a moon clip in the Chiappa, aren't they kind of hanging in an oversized chamber? The 9mm case rim is sitting 2mm back from where the chamber narrows to roughly the size of the bullet. Right ?

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