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CCW classes in Wisconsin

I'm a cop and a firearms instructor so I didn't actually have to take any additional training to get a CCW permit (I've already been carrying concealed for 30 years).

But, I like to go to school, so I went to a couple of classes anyway.

The Gander Mountain store in Madison had a real good CCW class. The tuition includes a book called "Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals" by Michael Martin that's really pretty good. (I already had it) The book is well organized and well illustrated. The legal part is a little confusing in the way it's organized and I don't agree with all of the conclusions. Still, I think the book is really good.

The instruction we received was excellent. The instructor was a retired cop and firearms instructor of much experience, and it showed in how smooth and organized the presentation was.

At the end you shot 30 rounds to demonstrate proficiency.

I attended with a friend who's a prosecutor with the DA's office. He was familiar with the legal issues around the defensive use of force, but had very limited experience shooting handguns. He bought a Smith & Wesson 642 for CCW use. He quite enjoyed the class.

The Wisconsin Dept of Justice also has created a cirriculum for a 4 hour class on CCW that deals a lot with Wisconsin Law. I took that class too, at Madison Area Technical College. (I knew both of the instructors. One of them was one of my instructors in the police academy back in 1981).

That class was also pretty good. The instructors were well organized and the DOJ cirriculum is pretty good -- much of it derived word for word from the manual the recruits get in the police academy.

(Many of the technical colleges in Wisconsin are offering CCW training using their existing LE instructors and the DOJ cirriculum)

And to finish off my training, I attended "Rules of Engagement for the Armed Citizen" by Massad Ayoob, who was in Saukville (north of Milwaukee) just before Christmas. I am a 2000 graduate of the LFI-1 judicious use of deadly force class, and so this was a refresher. Well worth the money.

I attended with a friend of mine who is an experienced IPSC competitive shooter who had never before had much training in the legal aspects of self defense. He found the class fascinating. Massad Ayoob is a pretty dynamic instructor, and well recommended.

And you are to be commended to seek out training that exceeds the required standard. People really should get training specific to the issues of an armed citizen using force in a defensive situation before they go armed in public. If you find a good class I think you'll enjoy it and it will probably make you interested in finding even more relevant instruction
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