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The 180gr hard cast buffalo bore ammo is a bit much for lion. The average lion is around 60 lbs and honestly the average "huge" lion that killed the neighbor's St Bernard is usually around 130 lbs. Rarely in the wild do we ever see lions up past 150 lbs. When I'm worried about walking in known bear areas I carry the Buffalo bore hc's but if I know I'm going to be in a known lion area I carry 158 gr starfires in my 357. I want something that will expand fast in the case of a thin skinned lion. I've never felt undergunned for either situation. Honestly though there's two dangerous situations where you're going to face a cat. One is if it's actually trying to hunt you in which case it won't matter if you have a .22 or a .454 you'll probably never even have a chance to draw the weapon before the cat makes a fatal wound on you. The second is crossing a cat on the trail in which case it usually takes little more than your voice to scare them off. I've come across a cat three times in my life and each time I was without a side arm but never even needed one. The cat always ran like a kitten when I proceeded towards it. A normal healthy lion will never charge you head on like a bear does. Like they always say it's the cat you don't see that kills you.
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