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Here is one of the responses I received. I edited it in order to hide my friends identity, but I do not think it changes the content.

Here at ( XXXXXXX), we have been charging civilians for carrying firearms onto a federal reservation. At the request of the magistrate, given Georgia's near lack of gun laws, we do make an effort to turn civilians around at the gates if they have weapons in the car. Military personnel are usually charged with Article 92. (Failure to Obey an Order or Regulation)

However, if we catch civilians on post with a loaded (outside the hunting and range areas), we charge them and they go to federal court. We use the charge: WEAPONS VIOLATIONS, CONCEALED WEAPON (GA CODE 16-11-126) (ON POST). There is also a charge in Title 18 of the U.S. Code regarding concealed weapons on federal reservations. (I was surprised to read they use a state code to charge people on a federal installation)

To date, we have never lost a case. The usual outcome is usually around $500 fine and probation. I have not seen anyone sent to jail, yet. Georgia has some very loose gun laws, that are fixing to get even looser. I often remind folks, when they say "I have a concealed permit", "Your permit is good for Georgia and Georgia stops at the post boundary.

We do allow weapons to be brought on post by civilians under the following conditions: 1) The weapon must be declared at the gate. 2) The weapon must be unloaded. 3) The ammo and the weapon have to be in different compartments, ie., trunk and passenger area. 4) The owner has to travel directly to the range or hunting areas with no stops along the way. Upon leaving post they travel directly from those areas to the gates.

The best advice I can give anyone is to go to the LE Desk and get a copy of the base regulation. They will usually give people a copy.

There are 15 military bases in Georgia. I am not sure they all use the same procedures. But it is something to think about if you decide to bring a weapon on base.
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