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I'm a dog-owner and lover--and just like with firearms--owners are responsible for the behavior of their dogs. Most dog owner's in the areas I live in are simply ignorant (or don't care) of the law regarding dogs--which in most areas holds that the owner is responsible for the behavior of their dog off their property. My dogs are on leash and controlled at all times except when in a dog park or in my fenced-in back yard. I still get attacked by other dogs occasionally--but so far a firm "sit" yelled out, along with a warning growl from my Lhotse, has stopped all dogs of all sizes in their tracks. I personally would hate to hurt a dog--but a dog off leash and attacking can maim or kill a human--so I think the justified force doctrine applies--especially if children are involved. BTW--aggressive dogs kept outside the home most of the time are often used by drug dealers as early-warning and deterrent "devices." I'd say your friend has a good case to go after the dog owner if she is so inclined--at least for medical bills and possibly for a citation if the dog was off leash. I do carry when walking my dogs--and there was/is a drug dealer in the hood that had an especially large German Shepherd that was obviously trained to attack--in that case I would have drawn and shot the dog without hesitation if it attacked and was about to lunge (dogs will often rush and then stop just short--a "dare" kind of thing).
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