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Shooting a Dog

I feel I must revisit this, and I have proposed this question before too. I find it more important this time because a friend of mine was attacked and put in the hospital because of a neighborhood dog.

In all situations we are talking about a dog that is capable of doing damage too. Not a small dog.

Would it be legal for a CCH to shoot this dog in defense of another person during the incident? I have not found something that objects, other than the "I love my dog" owners that don't understand human worth vs dog worth.

What would the law be if a dog attacked me? Would I be allowed to excersise self defense and shoot the dog?

Understand that I am not a cowboy when it comes to this. I take my responsibilities seriously, and more importantly in this situation I was raised by a veternarian and grew up around aggressive dogs, nice dogs, and everything in between. I am wondering what my limits would be? I live in Florida if anyone feels that might change anything.

I know that as of right now, if I felt someone's life was in danger, or my own was, I would not hesitate to do the right thing. I would like to know if it is the legal thing though.
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