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You might try....

Taking the cylinder out and watching the pistol cycle with the cylinder out.

To get the thing unlocked, try pulling the trigger guard off and then with a wire hook, pull the bolt out of the cylinder notch.

Make sure the bolt is not trying to engage the cylinder notch when you pull the cylinder off of the arbor because the bolt will put a longitudinal scratch on the cylinder from the notch back toward the nipples.

Then with the cylinder out of the revolver, cycle the revolver and watch the action of the bolt.

One thing you will note with the cylinder removed is that the bolt may stick in the fully extended position. If this happens, just psh the bolt back into the frame with your finger.

The reason is that the cylinder prevents the bolt from moving up all the way and with the cylinder removed the bolt can travel further up or more fully extended than it does when the cylinder is in place. So in some revolvers the bolt will stick in the extened position and just ride over the cam without moving.

So you should not make any adjustments on the bolt based upon the fact that it may stick in the fully extended position when the cylinder is removed.

Man, This is fun!

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