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There are some NRA courses that you ought to read up on.
Use the above link and read the course descriptions of the three listed courses below.

You might want to progress through those three. The "Basic" course is a prerequisite for the "In the Home" course, which is a prerequisite for the "Outside the Home" course.

NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course
NRA Basic Personal Protection In The Home Course
NRA Basics of Personal Protection Outside The Home Course

Both the "In the Home" and the "Outside the Home" courses have an hour taught by either a lawyer or a LEO who is competent to teach the relevant legal issues pertaining to the two courses.

Once you have completed all three courses, you have been exposed to the many factors which you should consider before venturing forth armed in your jurisdiction.

These courses are not meant to be training like you get at Gunsite or Thunder ranch. Actual range time for all of the three noted NRA courses is a small portion of the courses.
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