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I recommend you do some homework and study the hog anatomy as it is dissimilar from deers as well.
If you aren't trying to clip the rear edge of the lungs with your shot and instead are trying to put a round through the middle of the lungs or the heart, you will be fine.

Skull anatomy is very different and volumetrically the brain is smaller on a pig than a deer given the size of the animal and size of the head. So a lot of folks aim for the base of the ear, about an inch below, inch below and slighty forward, or slighty backward. Those are all fine shots. People like neck shots as well.

IMO I think the best gun to kill hogs with is the Marlin 1895 45/70 you just know when the bullet leaves the barrel the hog will be dead when the bullet arrives.
I love my .45-70 but have taken more hogs with .223/5.56. Most of the hogs taken with the smaller caliber have be via CNS damage. The nice thing about such shots is that the hog does not run and the meat usually isn't damaged.

If you are shooting at 50 yards or so, there should be no reason you can't make good head shots on the hogs with the .223 or the .45.
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