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That's an older model scope package gun, I think, no longer listed by Savage. I think it just has a synthetic thermoplastic stock and not an Accustock. I had one of those on a pre-Accu-anything 10FP, and it was just too flimsy, so I replaced it. There was no bedding, per se, in mined, but just metal inserts in thermoplastic. The stock contact is no surprise if my own is anything to go by.

If the gun shoots well as-is (this is unpredictable, but the stock contact most likely will not help), don't worry about it. If you want to improve on it start looking at aftermarket stocks. Thermoplastic can be bedded with a lot of work and effort (since glues won't adhere to it without special surface treatment and other effort), so getting a more rigid stock in the first place is easier.
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