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^Why the hell would you make a rifled choke for a rifled bore???

I'm told rifling will make a terrible pattern, but will a smooth choke fix this?^

The smooth choke is just basically a thread protector, used when shooting the .45 LC or the Winchester >410 PDX defensive round with the copper disks, or .410 slugs.

The other choke has lands and grooves but they are straight-not spiraled.
Used when shooting any type of shot. This choke tends to straighten out the chaotic flow of the shot imparted by the rifling, thereby minimizing the pattern size.

By the way, the PDX round tends to put the copper disks in the center of the pattern [ because they are engaged by the rifling] and the BB's spread out pretty good [also because of the rifling].

Seems to me for a home defense weapon you'd want a large pattern.
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