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Some things are really quite simple.

running around the seamy parts of town
Don't go there.

Yup--weapons and alcohol do not mix

9 people got shot at a nightclub on Christmas day here.
If that club is in the seamy part of town, then see first comment.

Here in the south bar hopping/dinner restaurants is a very social thing
Have lived in the South for 55+ years and haven't been bar hopping, yet I do many social things and Lord knows I've hit the eateries.

the opportunities to mix with women
Are you really interested in meeting women found in the seamy parts of town?

in a non-drinking environment
I thought the opening post was asking what others did in a drinking environment.

Anyhow, when you cross the Mississippi River into Arkansas, your question becomes moot as it's not legal to carry in a bar. As an additional thought, our state powers-which-be did not want to appear prejudiced against drunks so we can’t carry in church either.
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