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Virginia fits into a nice little loophole I suppose if you want to call it that. You can carry concealed into a "bar" (we don't technically have bars in this state) and not drink. We also cannot carry a firearm in public and be "intoxicated." That law cites three other laws: drunk in public, DUI, and I believe felony maiming. This means that if you get busted for one of those three laws, you will have a "possession of firearm while intoxicated" tacked on top if you're carrying.

Solution: Leave firearm in car while at the bar, and don't drive drunk. Pretty simple. You could also carry unconcealed and drink, but expect to be asked to leave in most places.

Here's another thing to consider: You can get a DUI without being over the legal limit. If you act like you're driving drunk and the officer can articulate that sufficiently in court, and say he smells alcohol on you when he pulls you over, you have a decent chance of getting a DUI without the breathalyzer even coming out.
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