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I've had a couple of Tikka's in the past in 30-06 and 308. They are very light, about 6 lbs. 2 oz. before optics. Around 7 lbs even after mounting a scope. A wood stocked Ruger would weigh around 7.25-7.5 lbs before optics and mounts. That would put it at around 8.5 lbs. after optics.

That 1.5 lbs makes a real difference in recoil. The good news is that a 270 is on the lower end of the recoil scale. I also added a Limbsaver pad to my 30-06 and it made a tremendous difference in how the recoil felt. After the pad it felt more like a 243 than a 30-06. I would highly recommend one of these pads on any lightweight gun, or even a standard weight gun with heavy recoil.

I think you will like the Tikka. I prize lightweight, accurate rifles, because of the where, and how I hunt. For the money they are as light, and accurate as they come. I only sold mine to finance the purchase of my Kimber, which is a full pound lighter than even the Tikka.
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