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then it sounds like you better be very proficient at one handed point and shoot?
That's the trick, practice with one hand, left and right but one at a time.

About the only time I use two hands on my 642 is if I'm practicing on hostage targets.

Kind of hard to stay hidden when using two hands poking around a baracade. More fun to hide behind a baracade and use a mirror in one hand to see the red dot on the target from the revolver in the other hand while your head and body are behind cover.

The thing is, if you practice with one hand, you'll still be accurate with 2 hands, but if you practice with two hands it won't help your one hand shooting that much.

Is the separate one hand thing really possible if you're using a long gun?
I don't use a long gun for SD situations, they get in the way and if you need the range the rifle gives you, its not SD.

If its at night, I wont be shooting my rifle anyway, I don't know where my horses are. I wouldnt want to face my granddaughter if I shot one of her horses.
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