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What else can be done to practice one's low light marksmanship?
Dry firing with laser sights.

Practice and learn to shoot with one hand, and flash light in the other, HELD AWAY FROM THE BODY.

Learned that in little muddy tunnels in SE Asia and doing hundreds of building searches in LE. Flash light in one hand, gun in the other and you need seperation.

Also I don't like those supper bright flash lights. Those suckers light up everthing including you, and the light bouncing off everything ruins your night vision.

I like the normal cheap flash lights that arn't so bright. The allow you to see what you need to see.

As I mentioned, hold the flashlight away from the body, if a bandit is there, and armed, guess what he's going to be shooting at if he desides to shoot. In that case wouldn't you rather have it at arms length instead of attached to your gun while looking over the sights.

I can't stress enough the value of one hand shooting when investigating "bumps in the night". You're more then likely going to have other things to do with the empty hand, be it carrying flashlights, mirrors, door knobs or pushing you wife back into the bedroom cause she's gonna want to help.

You mentioned rural areas, I live in such an area. I keep one of those big spot lights by the back door. If horses or chickens are throwing a fit, they are nice to have. We do have mountain lions, not to mention critters wanting to make a meal of my chickens.

If its bandits horses wont be making a lot of racket so back to my revolver with laser sights.

Back to practice, nothing beats dry firing with laser sights, they give you instant feed back.
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