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Low light shooting

After rereading the "lightswitch" thread, I started thinking about the problems of actually practicing in near darkness or total darkness outside of a shooting school. Shooting with a flashlight, weapon light, shooting with low ambient light, etc.

While it is easy to sit in the dark and practice weapon handling, reloading, etc. It isn't as easy to practice shooting in the dark. Most ranges close at dark and the indoor ones take a dim view (pun somewhat intended) of turning off the lights while the range is hot.

I live in the country and it is not very uncommon to hear an occasional "shot in the dark." Usually someone dispatching a raccoon or a coyote. To hear fifty, or one hundred shots as someone tries a little low light practice is sure to cause problems with the neighbors.

Airsoft guns might be a good training tool for shooting in low light.

What else can be done to practice one's low light marksmanship?
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