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Thanks for the info Mr Watson. As I posted, the stock always threw me off with the checkering. It is well done and looked original. I remember him letting me shoot it when I was 7 or so and I remember the trigger going off before I was ready. I learned early what a good trigger was and how much easier it was to hit with. It was a world of difference from the rifles my dad had let me shoot. Made an impression on me then. Of the 60+ firearms I have, still my favorite. 10-4 on the safe. Took care of that 11 years ago when I built my house.

A quick boring story. When I was on my high school rifle team, I used it for a little while. During practice one day, a man was there that told me he had been involved with the league for a while and the officials weren't going to let me use it in the meets due to it not being conventional. When we wound up at the district meet, there was a boy there that had one like mine. He schooled all of us. His coach was the helpful man that told me it wouldn't be allowed.
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