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Can’t thank you guys enough I really appreciate the help
So far I Loaded up 5 different rounds for the 230gr 5 to 7gr unique running from 600 to 800 fps
But will pick up some 185gr swc as soon as I run across some
My powder and primers are really old but have been told as long as the powder was kept in its original containers & dry it didn’t matter will find out tomorrow when I test them from a rest
My book is pretty old but lists unique or bullseye the best for light loads and unique or hs-6 for the 230gr but w231 seems to be the most popular powder? so may get that if I need new powder
Don’t know how? but my friend broke the scope mount when we were at the range that’s how it ended up on the sks thought I found a used one locally so didn’t order a new one but think he may have changed his mind about selling it
But I like the idea of using iron sights even if just to improve my skills I never thought about blacking out the 3 dots and filing the sights to raise or lower the impact so no biggie if he don’t want to sell it anymore what ya think max 300 points so anything over a 200 average something to be really proud of with iron sights or would the mark be higher than that?
My trigger is well worn in after a few thousand rounds pretty smooth for a stock trigger
I thought about polishing her buckmarks trigger at first but the more I think about it would be better off not doing anything like that so soon
Was thinking with 22s being so dirty cleaning the trigger real good then using some powdered graphite on the trigger? Or would oil or grease be better?
And fatigue is something else I totally forgot about when I shot before I was 23 and just out of the army so still in pretty good shape 100 pushups no problem now I would be in the emergency room if I even tried to do one I drove a truck Back then for a living and would try to see how long I could hold my arm out straight Or was using one of the grip things that was the most important thing I did to improve my score back then
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