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large roving hordes of gang members was the ops original post.
and we all know what gangs and gang members are known for. I certainly am rolling the dice on this one but it has been brought to my attention quite a few times at least here in Texas that any more that three (3) individuals behaving violently constitutes gang violence and also Texas is a no retreat state if someone is threatening you you have the right to plant your boots where you stand. There have been too many instances where one was mugged, complied and was shot anyway, there have also been gang initiations where people have been shot at random with no provocation. If i were mugged by a gang of individuals, armed as usual with the same number of shots i might take my chance that a couple might be pretty mean, the rest just prospects put up to the job to prove themselves, i might also take the chance that they are not combat vets and when they see a head or two come apart theyll remember that they dont want to die.
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