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Originally Posted by hermannr
Well, if my trip starts in WA, and I tour the whole of the US, by air, train or auto, doesn't matter, I am still on my trip until I have reached my destination, which, in my stated case, is to return to where I started. (think old pfardt in Motor home) Because I stop in NY to visit my wife's relatives does not make that the end of my journey any more than my stop in MN to visit friends, or CA to visit friends, or whereever...a temporary stop is not necessarily the end point of the journey.
That's not the way the FOPA is applied. If you stop somewhere to visit someone, that location becomes a destination and you become subject to that location's laws while you are there. The FOPA was expressly intended to allow you to transit through states where you might not be legal, but it does not cover you to stop there other than for necessaries associated with "the normal course of travel."

I don't like it, either, but that is the way it works.
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