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The revolver version, the Judge, makes a great snake handgun. A .410-bore shot shell puts out a lot more than a conventional revolver capsule shot load.
And I can tell you that standard 38 shot caps are hell on snakes, there is no need whatsoever to fire 410 loads at them. Plus, you don't have to buy a taurus!

Well, the barrel is rifled f0r the .45 LC. It c0mes with 2 screw in ch0kes- 0ne is just sm00th, the 0ther has straight rifling. [ my "o" desn't wrk].
Why the hell would you make a rifled choke for a rifled bore???

I'm told rifling will make a terrible pattern, but will a smooth choke fix this? If so, then I think the option to shoot 410 and 45 colt loads accurately would be a functional firearm.
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