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Questions for those with a Polish P64...

I recently picked up my 1971 P64 and took it down for cleaning and installation of the Wolff springs when they arrive. The hammer and sear look to be in excellent condition with almost no wear but I had a few questions about other parts.

I noticed the hammer strut seems to be peened down in an area where it's suppose to be a point. Looking at how the hammer acts in relation to the strut makes me wonder if it's an issue at all.

The arrow points to the point I'm referring to

Second part is the firing pin. I'm not sure how much the firing pin is suppose to stick out of the safety when in the firing position but it seems barely enough for the hammer to hit. The other is the peening on the front of the safety tab. It's more than likely due to dry firing from the previous owner weather that be here or Poland, who knows. Not sure if it's an issue.

The third thing I noticed was the recoil spring did not have flat ends like everyone seems to say is how the factory makes them. The hammer spring was defiantly stock with that horrendous trigger pull but the recoil spring seems to be light like the 18lb factory type, yet with no flat ends.

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