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Thanks for the information!

It seems to me that with no federal statute prohibiting a civilian from bringing a firearm on base, there would be no penalty for the civilian if he were to do so, unless, of course, a federal trespassing statute is violated. It's possible that a state statute may be violated by such an action but that would vary widely from state to state. Since a civilian is not subject to the UCMJ, violation of this base regulation has no legal penalty, it appears.

By the way, I have no intention of doing this. I'm just exploring the issue for my own edification. If anyone has any commentary to add, I would appreciate your thoughts on the subject.

The link posted by thallub (Thank you!) contains the following passage:
The provisions of this regulation apply to all military personnel, units,
organizations, activities, facilities, and offices, which are assigned, attached, or
otherwise supported by Fort Sill. This regulation also applies to all persons living,
working, traveling, or otherwise located upon Fort Sill. Violations of this regulation by
military personnel may subject offenders to disciplinary action under the Uniform Code
of Military Justice and/or administrative action as deemed appropriate by the
commander. However, this regulation is not intended to preclude possible prosecution
of military personnel for violations of state or federal laws or other regulations, when
applicable. Any violation of this regulation by family members, civilian employees, or
other civilians while on this installation may subject the offender to administrative action
and/or criminal prosecution under applicable state and federal laws and regulations.
These actions may include, but are not limited to, loss of privileges and debarment from
post. These provisions do not apply to law enforcement personnel while in the
execution of their duties.
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