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Some other guys that were shooting at the same time I was,pretty much rapid shot their groups and were watching me waiting(I didn't know they were behind me).They kind of laughed and said that my muzzle was sure moving a lot. I definately took too long between shots.The last 10 shots all went low and left. I know someone here will know by that, what I started doing wrong. I believe I ended up jerking the trigger as soon as my sights crossed the center. Somewhere there is a chart that shows the common misses and the reasons why.
My practice shots and the first five of my scoring rounds were around the center(I was able to control my trigger pull to fire when I was on target,even though I was moving around more than normal).After that I couldn't slow the movement down enough for good shot placement and was taking longer,thus shaking more.
Plus I think used the wrong gun for this situation,it shoots great with the loads I am using, but I do shoot both of my XDM's or 1911 better(way better & crisp triggers).I just like that gun though,so that is what I used.Next week I will try a XDM45. My bad wrist will pay for it though.
PS. I don't drink(maybe I should start).Don't smoke,caffeine yes,maybe.
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